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WATERGRATT (full name – WATERGRATT PIRITA NGO) was established in 2014 as a non-profit organisation with the purpose of contributing to community development and mobilisation through raising the level of security on the water & inland through organisation of volunteer rescue operations, awareness-raising campaigns, educational programs on health&safety in normal outdoor conditions and in situations of distress, environmental protection, sustainable development & rational use of resources. One of our main goals is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle mindset through active participation & inclusion, and through that contribute to the development of a safe environment and a strong civic community. Learn more about this direction in our work here.

In 2017 we expanded our areas of operation and expertise through participation in local and international programmes, such as Erasmus+ and other. Nowadays our areas of expertise include such directions, as the development of civic society through the creation of educational programs and events covering a variety of topics: campaigning, media & communication, project management, intercultural dialogue, stimulation of the creativity, development of personal professional competencies, and community development. The main target group: young people and adults, interested in acquiring new skills & self-development. We also work with vulnerable groups at risk of marginalisation and social exclusion, such as migrants and refugees, people facing economic difficulties, cultural and religious differences and others. Our staff has relevant education, experience, and skills in project & event management, environment & sustainability, youth work, media, inclusion, communication & PR, branding, community development, cross-sectoral cooperation, campaigning & non-formal education. Staff is experienced in design & delivery of educational programmes with a proven history of organisation of educational activities on a local and international level. Learn more about this direction in our work here

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 Tel: +372 55 932385
@: watergratt@gmail.com
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